Irene Soldatos is the author of two books: the historical fantasy novel Bad Bishop and the humorous novellete Innocent in the Afterlife. She has also been a frequent panelist at FantasyCon.

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FantasyCon 2017

Now that the programme for FantasyCon 2017 has been finalized, here's what my schedule will look like: Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction, on Friday 29 September, at 4:30pm, in Panel Room 3 "The fantastic realms we write our stories in are often based on some real...

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Hannah’s Bookshelf

On Saturday, 9 September 2017, you can catch me chatting with Hannah on North Manchester FM. We'll be talking about fiction, history and research, books in general, and even musicology. And I'll be telling her which three books I'll save when the apocalypse comes....

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Fiction Fix in Peterborough

I'll be reading at Fiction Fix in Peterborough on 1 October 2017, right after this year's FantasyCon (where I will also be attending. More info to follow). The event will take place at the Draper's Arms. I'll post more information nearer the time. Do come by, if...

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Recent Blog Posts

Justinian ‘The Great’

Let us stay in the 6th century for a bit, but this time move to the East. Justinian I (c. 482 C.E. – 14 November 565 C.E.), known as The Great - which I deliberately place in inverted commas - was Byzantine Emperor from 527-565 C.E. He is considered a saint by the...

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Some Miracles

  Still in the 6th century, and still with Gregory of Tours. He describes several miracles. Most have to do with recovering from illnesses. Generally speaking, when they got very ill, people expected they were going to die. And seeing as they didn’t understand...

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Attitude Towards Secular Learning

Let's move on to the 6th century C.E. and the very famous (Saint) Gregory of Tours (November 30, c. 538 – November 17, 594), to whom we are truly indebted for writing The History of the Franks, the major historical source for the period. The Roman Empire in the West...

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