FantasyCon 2017

Now that the programme for FantasyCon 2017 has been finalized, here’s what my schedule will look like:

Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction, on Friday 29 September, at 4:30pm, in Panel Room 3

“The fantastic realms we write our stories in are often based on some real historical context. Join our panel in exploring the different historical research that can be necessary to create robust fantasy fiction, whether set in the primary world or in an invented one.”

Participants: Sandra Unerman (mod), Daniel Godfrey, Irene Soldatos, Peter McLean, Andrew Knighton, David Stokes


Writing Research, on Sunday 1 October, at 1:30pm, in Panel Room 1

“They always say a writer’s internet history would be alarming. There are stories about ‘ride alongs’ and all sorts of adventures in the name of authenticity. What do our panel research, how do they research it and how does it help their writing?”

Participants: Iain Grant (mod), Irene Soldatos, Joely Black, Tiffani Angus, Jacey Bedford


I will also be doing a READING, on Saturday 30 September, at 6:00pm.

I hope to see you there! Come say hello. Don’t be shy!

Fiction Fix in Peterborough

I’ll be reading at Fiction Fix in Peterborough on 1 October 2017, right after this year’s FantasyCon (where I will also be attending. More info to follow).

The event will take place at the Draper’s Arms. I’ll post more information nearer the time. Do come by, if you’re free. There’ll be beer. And fiction. Can’t get better than that!