Here I will be making collections of the things I read for research purposes in order to write. Usually I get caught up and continue reading even if I quickly realise the article/book/essay isn’t directly relevant to my needs. I’ll be adding to these lists as and when I remember something I’ve forgotten to include, or read something new.


13.01.2013: As a tribute to Aaron Swartz, and to contribute to the Twitter #PdfTribute hashtag, here is a PDF of one of my own humble works. It is a final draft of an article I was asked to write for the Department of Music Studies’ Yearbook at Ionio University in Corfu. Vassilis Kalafatis: Two Quartets in First Edition.


Invaluable for me and my fiction writing (and might also be for you): The Medieval Calendar Calculator

On the 4th and 5th centuries C.E.

Primary Sources

  • Socrates Scholasticus & Sozomenus, Ecclesiastical Histories, in English translation
  • Ammianus Marcellinus (Ammian), The History, in English translation
  • John, Bishop of Nikiu, Chronicle, in English translation (John is a later chronicler of the 7th century, but whose Chronicle starts with Adam and Eve and goes up to the Muslim invasion of Egypt. It’s interesting to compare his version of the conflict between Bishop Cyril and Prefect Orestes which led to the death of Hypatia, with that of Socrates Scholasticus, who was contemporary to the events. Nevertheless, Nikiu does offer various details about events otherwise unknown.)
  • Eunapius, Lives of the Philosophers and Sophistsin English translation, (A pagan who lived and wrote in the 4th and 5th centuries. His list of Philosphers and Sophists include people and events of the same era.)

On the 6th century C.E.